The Stress Profiles

The Nine Profiles

Let's give you a brief overview of the nine stress profiles we have identified, based on our research and observations. We like to call them "Navrang" - which translates to "nine colours" in Hindi.

Type #1 - White

Think snow. Cold, aloof, indifferent and freezing everything in sight (or beyond). This is the most efficient stress profile because they've said goodbye to emotions during their stress period. Post that...however, is another story altogether.

Type #2 - Violet

The raging tide we spoke of earlier? This is it. Why? Well, there’s only an ‘n’ of a difference between ‘violet’ and ‘violent’. But this isn’t aggression; it’s irritation, it’s annoyance…of a creature that deems itself superior. Imperious, powerful, occasionally cruel – how dare anyone oppose them? How dare that minion make such a silly mistake?!

Type #3 - Indigo

Listless, morose, overburdened – the dark gloomy clouds. If not pacified, may lead to opening of floodgates, and in extreme cases, tsunamis – all the more frightening because they’re normally rather calm and placid.

Type #4 - Blue

Bored, helpless, unmotivated, sad. Feeling blue? This is it. A lot of sighing is involved, a lot of indulgence and attempts at distraction may be seen. Silly/careless mistakes at work will often be seen. Can be very subtle and difficult to spot.

Type #5 - Green

Sour and spicy…think chillies – the ones that burn your mouth the moment you bite into them. Think the green-eyed monster. Essentially dramatic and rather entertaining. Again, can be very subtle and difficult to spot – after all, sarcasm is not very rare for normal lawyers, let alone stressed ones.

Type #6 - Yellow

A ball of sunshine. The type that smiles brighter the more stressed they are, hoping that ultimately, if they pretend hard enough and long enough, maybe the stress will go away or the brain will be tricked into believing that it’s gone. Ostrich? Perhaps. These typically crash the hardest.

Type #7 - Orange

Think barren lands with unyielding rocks and endless sand. Scorching, dry, hard, unforgiving, relentless – typically the type maximum variation. They will wear down everyone and everything, eventually – even themselves. When normal, they’re an oasis in a parched desert, but when stressed, they’re the desert themselves.

Type #8 - Red

War. Bloodlust. Mars. This is pure aggression, an out-and-out fight (and often, a resulting bloodbath). These are true warriors, who will never give in – there’s no reasonability, no compromise. Classic my way or the highway. When not turning into a war-deity, however, these are often the warmest of people.

Type #9 - Black

The most dangerous of all – to themselves. This is seriously internalised stress, so much so that these guys are unfathomable. Powerful, mysterious and with a certain dark allure – these guys eat, drink and breathe stress, affecting others unconsciously. Their normal self is the hardest to find, because it’s hiding deep within.