Introducing Stress Profiles

What is a "Stress Profile"?

Basically, it is the version of you when you are stressed - this may range from a slightly different version of your normal self to a polar opposite that even you may be hard-pressed to recognise.

Remember, your stress profile is NOT your personality.

If anything, it is a deviation from your personality, but still within the parameters of your "self". Like a MAC/MAE - now that's something we lawyers understand very well, don't we?

Who are you when you are stressed?

Are you an unyielding rock?

Are you a gloomy cloud?

Are you a raging tide?

You could be any of these...

...or you could be something entirely different.

We have identified NINE distinct profiles.

And we named them after nine colours - seven from the rainbow, plus black and white.

Curious about the different stress types?

Want to know your own Stress Profile?