7-week Paradigm

Course #3 - Paradigm

This 7-week individual course that is an intense, rewarding inner journey that will astonish you as well as open the doors to not only your ultimate, incredible self, but also to happiness and success.


We are not taking any enrolments for this course at the moment. Apologies!

Paradigm is NOT for everyone.

This is a much more intense programme, and requires full commitment from the participants of 3-4 hours per week, based on individual requirements.

Paradigm is fully focused on YOU.

Paradigm is an individual, fully-tailored by your coach for you. All your sessions with your coach will be one-on-one and completely focused on your needs.

How to decide if Paradigm is what you need?

It depends on two factors:

  1. how stressed you are (check our free Stress-O-Meter for this), and

  2. how ready you are to invest in yourself (this is something only you can decide).

Unless you are sure that you wish to commit to Paradigm, we would suggest getting your Stress Profile Analysis Report (SPAR). SPAR is included in Paradigm, so if you buy SPAR first and then choose to go for Paradigm within 120 days, we will set off the SPAR amount for you.

What can you expect?

  • tips, tools and techniques to manage stress, time, goals and expectations

  • solutions developed especially for you

  • thirty-five (optional) 15-minute one-on-one scheduled consultation with your coach (these are extra, in addition to the regular sessions)

  • "The Paradigm Toolkit" - this is especially curated for you, so each Paradigm Toolkit is unique

  • Stress Profile Analysis Report

  • mini e-book "Instant Noodles for the Legal Mind"

  • weekly progress monitoring

  • access to webinars

Our promise:

Upon successful completion of the course, at the end of 7 weeks, you will:

  • gain all the benefits promised in Zenith

  • be able to leverage your skills to maximise your benefits

  • eliminate time and energy stealers

  • learn to make things work your way

  • convert your supposed weaknesses into strengths

  • feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on challenges

What do we expect from you?

  • We have not provided time-analysis charts for this course. Because we don't need it.

  • We ask you for your commitment upfront. Paradigm is a not just an inner journey; it is a paradigm-shift. Your paradigm-shift.

  • We expect the basic commitments of punctuality and honesty from you. That's a given.

  • We estimate you will need to commit 3-4 hours per week, but in case of stubborn roadblocks, we may require an extra hour or two.

  • We will repeat - Paradigm is intense, and not for everyone. Sign-up for this only if you are ready to invest in and commit to your own self.


Price: INR 49,999/- or USD 699/- per person (organizational packages available on request)

Duration: 7 (seven) consecutive weeks

Payment: online (we will email you the payment link when you sign up - within 24 hours)

How it works

Upon receiving your payment, we will send you the available slots to choose and confirm.

Upon confirmation, we will send you the schedule(s), toolkit(s), discount coupons and other details.

Then we are ready to start!

Do you think the 7-week Paradigm is right for you?

If yes, then please let us know quickly!