The Courses

The Dangers of Stress...

...probably do not need to be reiterated. After all, we lawyers have trained, rational brains.

We have three courses for you.

You can choose the one that appeals to you or contact us to figure out what works best for you.


We are not taking any enrolments for any of the courses at the moment. Apologies!

Course #1 - Express

A crisp, condensed yet comprehensive stress management course for legal professionals who have very little time to spare.

Price: INR 4,999/- or USD 99/- per person

Duration: 5 days

Course #2 - Zenith

A course especially tailored to address the stress-related problems arising from high-pressure, high-stress, deadline-based legal jobs.

Price: INR 24,999/- or USD 399/- per person

Duration: 5 weeks

Course #3 - Paradigm

The individual course that is an intense, rewarding inner journey that will astonish you as well as open the doors to not only your ultimate, incredible self, but also to happiness and success.

Price: INR 49,999/- or USD 699/- per person

Duration: 7 weeks